Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips for Women: Removing Stains from Clothing

We at Pink Slip Fashion love to eat! You name the restaurant and we’re up for a foodie adventure — preferably Italian. What does this have to do with today’s Tip(sy) Tuesday fashion tip? Well let’s set the scene: Say you’re enjoying a freshly poured glass of Riseling and a Margherita personal pizza from that cute pizzeria by your studio. All of sudden, a whopping, greasy topping slips off of your slice and onto your freshly laundered…[insert fav. garment item here, cause it’s always your most beloved piece of clothing that gets it the hardest]. You scurry to the wash room, wild eyes for paper towel and soap, but to no avail the grease stain won’t budge. What do you do next? 

Go home and find the nearest can of cola. Toss the fashion item into the wash along with the full can of soda. Add your routine laundry detergent and set on a normal wash cycle. Voila! You’ve just averted a major fashion crisis, saving that favorite garment of yours. 

Photo from fabsugar.com

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