Denim-on-Denim Blues…This Sob Story is Getting the Pink Slip

You’ve probably Googled, “how to wear denim on denim” and the surplus of trendy fashion blogs showing you how to effortlessly sport this industrial-woman-chic look most likely encouraged you to try it for yourself. What’s the big deal? Rock your favorite chambray with a colored blazer and/or a slightly different hue denim jean along with ankle cuff pumps. Volia! You just made magic occur. But the truth is, even with a pop of accessories, or contrast of denim, the “effortless” denim-on-denim trend isn’t that chic.

Now don’t get us wrong, Pink Slip Fashion rooted for this trend through in through, even wearing a similar rendition to what the fashion blogs will show you, but sadly this denim on denim, bluesy love affair has got to end. Unless you’re Rihanna, this style is out (and let’s be real, even her fashion tastes are questionable at times).

A perfectly fashionable alternative–that we at Pink Slip Fashion also tried out–is rocking your chambray with a different color PANT…not jean. We opted for a black skinny leg design and accessorized with a dangling chain necklace. Effortless? Check! Chic? No doubt!

This fall/winter, give denim-on-denim the PINK SLIP!

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