Stop Yourself from Getting Hi-Lo Dresses


Hi-Lo Dresses Can Hitch the Next Available Ride (Out of our Closets)

Holiday season is upon us. And though we may be stressed with decorating, gift shopping, and spending quality time with members of the family we may normally avoid, like Aunt Sally with the weird cheese breath, finding the perfect holiday dress should not be on this list of avoided activities.

In fact shopping for ourselves can sometimes be the most relaxing part of the season compared to all of the other hoopla happening around us! Once you figure out a solid budget for the right dress after your gift buying, the easiest part is choosing a style…or so it should be.

Time and time again, whether we fall into the, “This is cute, I think I can pull this off” category or the “I can’t decide, this is totally back in style right?” group, choosing “trendy dress styles” when shopping for a holiday dress could work to your detriment. Case in point, the hi-lo style.

Hi-lo dresses where a hit the past few seasons. In fact, dresses, shirts, skirts, or anything that could flaunt the party in the front, business in the back schtick was totally trending. But sadly, as with all other popular fashion trends, this one is catching the long train home–poor pun, I know!

So lose the prom-girl hi-lo look this holiday season, with sparkly bodice and platform pumps in tow. Instead strut your chic party style in something figure flattering, femme, and sleek. Perhaps a one-shoulder style with draping will do the trick, or satin, deep V a-line. Whatever style you choose, don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Hi-lo party dresses are getting the PINK SLIP!

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