Give this Peep Toe Bootie the Boot!


Kick this Peep Toe to the Curb & Hurry

Pink Slip Fashion has seen (and personally tried) stranger fashion trends, including metallic harem pants…but we won’t go there. However, this “statement” shoe seems to be one of the most questionable trends we’ve spotted.

Not only is a peep toe bootie impractical to wear during any season, it is also difficult to style without looking like an R&B diva who fell of the charts last decade.

Did we forget to mention the conundrum this shoe inspires?

Let’s think about it for a second: peep toes as a flat, pump, or even (and this is a stretch) platform, work for spring or summer. Boots or booties crop up in fall or winter. Put two-and-two together and it’s easy to see how mixing a warm-weather style with a cold-weather trend (think the once popular denim skirt and Uggs look) can lead to a fashion gaffe.

Another way to think of it is this: Say you sport peep toe booties with a thick cable knit and jeans, people are bound to ask if your feet are cold … AWKWARD. Style peep toe booties with a mini skirt and tee, suddenly it looks like you’re sporting an ankle monitor à la Lohan.

Neither looks are getting our stamp of approval! It’s time to give peep toe ankle booties the PINK SLIP.

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