Let’s Get FUR-real!

Pink Slip Color Fur

Pink Slip Colored Fur

Pink Slip Fashion is back this week with another ghastly trend that’s getting the ax!

Though we’re writing from “still sunny” California while the rest of the country is probably facing crippling blizzards or hail storms, that doesn’t mean we aren’t experts at determining what’s in and what’s out when it comes to fur!

So kick back in your fuzzy slippers with warm cocoa in hand and read below why colored fur is getting the PINK SLIP.

We’ll start with the obvious: brightly colored fur brings to mind early 2000’s rap star, not chic and fab starlet on the run. Think I’m kidding? Click here.

Unless you’re sporting the P-I-M-P status of a hip-hop mogul, lose this head-to-toe style.

Moving on to our next point: Styling colored fur can be a bit tricky. Say you have a whimsical yellow shag piece or cropped pink bolero hot off the runway. How do you style that into your everyday winter wardrobe without coming off as a Furby from a Mickey D’s happy meal?

Last, but not least, buying real fur is costly. In natural colors, faux fur can undoubtedly be chic. Buying faux fur in a neon color however, only comes across as vegas-strip-call-girl or Halloween costume, neither scoring amicable reviews in our book.

And thus the verdict is in, it’s time to give colored fur the PINK SLIP!

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