PInk Slip the Checkers Fashion Trend

Say Checkmate! It’s Time to Pink Slip The Checkers Fashion Trend

My guess is your style probably has a checkered past. With the resurgence of gargantuan black & white square patterns on runways this past Spring 2013, it’s easy to see how this checkers fashion trend quickly gathered speed in both high fashion circles and street style cultures. However, it’s time to call checkmate on this game and switch to a pattern that doesn’t make us look like walking chessboards.

This blast-from-the past checkers style made waves in the 60s, granted not just in black and white, but in other hues as well. Although appropriate in some forms (think gingham) large blocks of checkers can haphazardly create a kitschy retro look, that’s more akin to costume than everyday wear.

If you’re hankering for ways to still have a pattern reminiscent to checkers, opt for an easier-on-the-eye variation like plaid, or a super-sized pattern in subdued black and white shades, similar to this Louis Vuitton jumper worn by Kristen Stewart.

We’re giving the checkers fashion trend, the PINK SLIP!

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