Ankle Cuff…More Like Ankle Monitor

Pink Slip Wide Ankle Cuffs

Pink Slip the Wide Ankle Cuff This Season

Pink Slip Fashion wouldn’t be surprised if the wide ankle cuff trend were started by Lindsay Lohan herself. Now that we’ve hopefully grown from our fashion crimes, we can shake down our shoe wardrobes and lock up these pumps for good. Ok…ok enough with the metaphors.

The wide ankle cuff hit it big spring/summer 2012 with celebrities donning the style on red carpets. Designers from Balenciaga to bargain clothiers Charlotte Russe stocked their shelves with the pump. This new shoe style even made waves on popular fashion blogs, admittedly offering a fresh take on the standard pointed toe stiletto.

However, after seeing this style in action for the past year and a half, we can safely say it’s time to unstrap yourself from this trend. NOTE: Ankle straps themselves are NOT getting the Pink Slip, just their oversized counterpart, the ankle cuff.

Unfortunately the wide cuff has a nasty habit of shortening a woman’s legs, opposite of what a sleek pointy toe stiletto should do. They make our limbs look wider and bulkier. Fashionable? No. Even a thin ankle strap must be worn with caution in order to preserve the illusion of mile-long limbs.

So unless you want to: A) Be mistaken as wearing an ankle monitor or B) Look anything less than the supermodel you are, PINK SLIP the wide ankle cuff.

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