Lose Flatform shoes this season.

Lose Flatform Sandals this Spring

Pink Slip Fashion is back this week with another style tragedy. This shoe’s performance is falling oh-so-flat. So let’s close the curtain on this trend before it calls for an encore!

Flatforms are cropping up everywhere! Steve Madden and Jeffrey Campbell are two mainstream designers who are featuring this Spice Girls-esque style in their storefronts. Confused as to what Flatform shoes are? They’re essentially a leveled platform with a gym shoe, ballet slipper or sandal silhouette. Pink Slip Fashion is targeting the sandal flatform shoe in particular, as this will probably be the most popular pick for spring.

Flatform shoes are getting the Pink Slip for one obvious reason: Although platforms resurfaced circa 2012, clunky shoes on any body frame creates an unflattering silhouette. Why give the impression that you’re lugging weights at the bottom of your feet.

Paired with other trends like a skinny pant, flatform sandals will create a super slim leg and ultra large foot, an almost cartoon-like body shape! Who wants to look like big foot!

Even styled with a prim-and-proper babydoll dress or shorts the flatform can fashion a look that’s at best comical.

Still want a statement shoe? Try any of these options instead.

Flatform shoes are getting The Pink Slip!

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