Out of This World…Out of Our Closets

Pink Slip Galactic Prints

Wave Goodbye to Galactic Prints

Looking for an out-of-this-world trend? Keep looking, because we’re tossing galactic prints back on a rocket and into the cosmos far far away from us.

Who knows how this whimsical style quickly found its way in our wardrobes. Maybe it was the Urban Outfitters, hipster-cool, fanaticism that drew us in, or maybe on some subconscious level, Miley Cyrus’s performance with a talking space cat further fueled our need for intergalactic space attire.

Either way, let’s ditch the galactic gimmicks–best suited for our pre-teen counterparts–and rejoin the modern world with contemporary, structural pieces…think asymmetrical hemlines or even peplums.

Toss this trend back into the triple-marked-down sale section of Urban and update your wardrobe with structured pieces highlighting both a modern and futuristic flair.

Galactic prints are getting the PINK SLIP!

One thought on “Out of This World…Out of Our Closets

  1. Olivia Wells with a company page too

    I agree, these galaxctic prints look as if stars have thrown up over bad tye dye, they are too much and take the eye away from the wearer, the fabric is cheap and looks as if it has been badly washed or sun faded. Definitely should never be in anyone’s wardrobe.



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