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Hair Today…Gone Tomorrow!

Pink Slip Lavender Hair

Pink Slip Lavender Hair

by Elan Carson & Ashley Salinas

Color me crazy, but is anyone else tired of seeing the lavender hair trend?

First spotted on Katy Perry in 2011, lavender hair was once heralded as rock-n-roll runway chic. From catwalk to street style, this look quickly became all of the rage, with teens recreating the lavender-blonde locks.

Now that we’ve reached the peak of pastel hair colors, with style divas like Kelly Osbourne sporting this fantastical hairdo, I think it’s time we start to color in the lines again and ditch this candy queen/fairy aesthetic.

It was chic before but now this trend needs to be given the pink slip. As with any dye job, maintaining vibrant locks is a high maintenance feat. Unless you are a celebrity with a team of stylists on call, regular hair upkeep kind of goes out the window and the once vibrant color starts to fade to a grayish hue. And who wants more gray then lavender! Plus, all of the chemicals are bound to be damaging to your mane.

Let’s lose the lacquered locks all together (unless you’re prepped for some serious hairdo upkeep) and opt for natural hues instead. If you insist on having a colored coiffure with a pop, look into more temporary options, like a wig, extensions, or even semi-permanent dye that’s easy to abandon or wash out when the look simply isn’t working anymore.

Lavender hair is getting the PINK SlIP!

Those Nails! YIKES!!

Hello everyone!

You can call me Make It Work Molly- Miss Pink Slip Fashion and I “met” one another through the Lucky Blogger Community and I’m so excited to be syndicating my own blog posts here!

Now that we have introductions out of the way, let’s get along to what I think needs to be given the pink slip. Nail art. And not all nail art is bad, but I’m talking about the outrageous patterns that clash with your outfit unless you’re in all black/white/grey tones.

I really really really HATE the multiple patterns and drawings and gems that people stick on their nails. First of all, let’s be honest, how long does that stuff actually last? If you’re anything like me and do absolutely anything with your nails there is no WAY it lasts past the picture. It just can’t.

A quick Pinterest search pulls up some fun ones:


I mean for real seriously? I truly hope if I were a guy and I went out with a girl with THIS on her nails for Valentine’s Day that I would find some way to sneak out the window of the restaurant bathroom. Yuck.


Oh this is another fun one:


I am truly concerned about the amount of time that you literally have on your hands (pun intended) if you have the time to paint itsy bitsy leopard dots on top of your gold French manicure.


And this one:




Please make it stop.








With nails like these, I’m afraid to even criticize. You could literally claw my eyes out.


I think y’all get the point. So anyways- please, give this trend the pink slip!!

And feel free to check out my site too- should you feel so inclined:

Make It Work Molly


Love to all y’all,



This Trend Makes Me Want to Claw My Eyes Out

Stiletto Nails…Ouch

by Ashley Salinas

Pink Slip Fashion Stiletto Nails

Time to put the stilettos away and I’m not talking about the stilettos
that we walk in ladies. Yeah you got it, those stiletto nails that
you see just about every woman wearing nowadays. The ones that make
you cringe by just the thought of being accidentally poked in the eye
by these things. I think it’s time to give this trend the pink slip.

Not only am I getting a Vampira vibe, these Lady Gaga inspired claws
just seem dangerous to be around! Plus, what happens if one breaks??
Awkward anyone? Unless you’re a Scooby Doo monster or going as a witch for
Halloween, there’s no need to rock this celebrity-popularized trend.

Now for those who are guffawing and absolutely just can’t let this trend go
we’ll give you a break and say try a shorter version of the stiletto nail.
Short looks more chic and sophisticated. If these nails are too long the look kinda
turns costume-ish. I mean honestly you can’t do much with nails that are
6 inches long anyways!

Stiletto nails are getting the PINK SLIP.

Beauty tips for women

Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips For Women: How to Use Babywipes

As a linchpin to every fashionista’s beauty routine, makeup remover or a good face wash can be our best friends after a long day. Night after night, we tiredly make our way to the sink to take off hours worth of gunky, caked on makeup that ranges from the primer-foundation-loose powder trifecta to eyeliner rings. As a way to make this bedtime routine a little smoother, Pink Slip Fashion did some research and is back with tonight’s Tip(sy) Tuesday beauty tip: using baby wipes as face wipes.

A little out of the ordinary, but well-received, using baby wipes as a makeup remover goes a long way when taking off a day’s face. Talked about in Marie Claire’s March issue and mentioned by beauty writer Petra Guglielmetti, it seems as though an easy way to indulge in soft, clean skin every evening is to give a swipe of this made-for-babies cleaning sheet.

Here are the pros:

1) Since baby wipes are specifically designed for infants, they are amazingly gentle. Most brand of wipes are actually free of phthalates, parabens, and fragrance, in addition to being hypoallergenic. A brand that Pink Slip recommends is Pampers Senstive Skin wipes.

2) To piggy-back on the latter mentioned pro, Pampers Sensitive Skin specifically will not sting or cause irritation, leaving you with a fresh feeling. 

3) Lastly, baby wipes are the less expensive option compared to makeup remover wipes, which is something any fashionista can appreciate in this economy. 

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Tip(sy) Tuesdsay Beauty Tips For Women: How to Perk Up Your Pout

The season of shimmer doesn’t stop with the holiday’s. You may want to ring in some showstopping sparkle long after those New Year’s celebrations. You have your sleek sequin dress, coated eyelids, and…how about those lips?

Pink Slip Fashion‘s Tip(sy) Tuesday is here to fill you in on how to get the perfect plumped pout by adding a touch of shimmer. The best part is, we’re sure you already have these supplies in your beauty arsenal.

Step 1: Outline your lips using a lighter shade of lip pencil.

Step 2: Fill in your pout with a matched shade of foundation or opt for a primer. (Pink Slip Fashion recommends Elizabeth Arden’s Eye Fix Primer that works well both for your lids and pout). This will maximize your lip color’s full hue and radiance.

Step 3: Apply your favorite lip color.

Step 4: Add a bit of gold or silver flecked shimmer eye-shadow to the center of your top and bottom lip to give the illusion of a plumper pucker.

You’ve just mastered a fuller lip in under three minutes.

Check out Pink Slip Fashion’s last Tip(sy) Tuesday on eliminating oily shine.

Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips for Women: Removing Stains from Clothing

We at Pink Slip Fashion love to eat! You name the restaurant and we’re up for a foodie adventure — preferably Italian. What does this have to do with today’s Tip(sy) Tuesday fashion tip? Well let’s set the scene: Say you’re enjoying a freshly poured glass of Riseling and a Margherita personal pizza from that cute pizzeria by your studio. All of sudden, a whopping, greasy topping slips off of your slice and onto your freshly laundered…[insert fav. garment item here, cause it’s always your most beloved piece of clothing that gets it the hardest]. You scurry to the wash room, wild eyes for paper towel and soap, but to no avail the grease stain won’t budge. What do you do next? 

Go home and find the nearest can of cola. Toss the fashion item into the wash along with the full can of soda. Add your routine laundry detergent and set on a normal wash cycle. Voila! You’ve just averted a major fashion crisis, saving that favorite garment of yours. 

Photo from

For the last Pink Slip Fashion Tip(sy) Tuesday, see below:


Two-in-One Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty & Fashion Tip For Women–Losing Static Cling

Hey all! I apologize for the delay in posts. I have been in and out of the emergency room getting my head checked out. After landing a mild concussion from a sporadic back flip, I’m now back in the game with today’s two-in-one beauty and fashion tip of the week to make up for loss of time… hopefully I have some sense knocked into me!

We all have experienced static cling either with flyway strands of hair or clothes bunched in awkward places after getting dressed in the morning. Since we’re approaching winter months, experiencing static becomes especially more frequent due to the lack of moisture in cold air.

With this two-in-one beauty and fashion Tip(sy) Tuesday, I’ll tell you how to get rid of both static tresses and have your clothes de-stick.

Static-Clothes-PinkSlipFashionBeauty Tip: For loose locks and flyways, the trick to removing static and creating a sleek finish is easy: use a dryer sheet. With a simple swipe across your coiffure, you’ll be out of the door in a flash with a smooth mane to follow.

Fashion Tip: Similar to how static sticks our tresses straight up, it also causes our clothes to stick to us during the colder months of the year. If you do have awkward folds and bunches from garments that cling to your every move, try a thin layer of lotion, either on your skin or depending on the fabric, the underside of the garment, and voila!

Photos from: George Giavis the Blonde Room &


Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips For Women: Remove Deodorant From Clothes

Hi fellow fashion and beauty industry lovers!

I decided to launch this week’s first: Tip(sy) Tuesday — title subject to change. I’ll give you guys a practical and affordable style tip to incorporate into your everyday lives each Tuesday, allowing me to write something short and sweet on my off days while still giving you useful content. Without further ado, I’ll announce today’s tip: removing pesky deodorant stains!

Scenario: It’s morning and you’re running late for work. With a dash, you hop in and out of the shower (or you may omit entirely if you’re REALLY behind schedule) and with a quick motion of the hand, you slop on deodorant. Next, you toss on your favorite wrinkle-free blouse and of course trousers. You are heading out of the door, but before your foot crosses the threshold you realize that you have a whopping white stain smeared along the side of your favorite go-to knit. What to do?

Don’t panic! Go to your closet and grab the nearest pair of hosiery to easily swipe away that embarrassing streak. No need for soap and water in attempts to hurriedly scrub off this common fashion faux pas because any pair of stockings will do. You will be on your way to work without missing a beat.

Hope you enjoyed and come back next Tuesday for another useful tip!

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