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Hair Today…Gone Tomorrow!

Pink Slip Lavender Hair

Pink Slip Lavender Hair

by Elan Carson & Ashley Salinas

Color me crazy, but is anyone else tired of seeing the lavender hair trend?

First spotted on Katy Perry in 2011, lavender hair was once heralded as rock-n-roll runway chic. From catwalk to street style, this look quickly became all of the rage, with teens recreating the lavender-blonde locks.

Now that we’ve reached the peak of pastel hair colors, with style divas like Kelly Osbourne sporting this fantastical hairdo, I think it’s time we start to color in the lines again and ditch this candy queen/fairy aesthetic.

It was chic before but now this trend needs to be given the pink slip. As with any dye job, maintaining vibrant locks is a high maintenance feat. Unless you are a celebrity with a team of stylists on call, regular hair upkeep kind of goes out the window and the once vibrant color starts to fade to a grayish hue. And who wants more gray then lavender! Plus, all of the chemicals are bound to be damaging to your mane.

Let’s lose the lacquered locks all together (unless you’re prepped for some serious hairdo upkeep) and opt for natural hues instead. If you insist on having a colored coiffure with a pop, look into more temporary options, like a wig, extensions, or even semi-permanent dye that’s easy to abandon or wash out when the look simply isn’t working anymore.

Lavender hair is getting the PINK SlIP!

Not So Pretty In Pink (or Pastel)

A beauty trend you’re probably tired of spotting, Pink Slip was all over this pastel shade coif last year (we even tried our own version of pink dip-dyed locks inspired by master’s Chris Benz and Charlotte Free).

Now, after donning lots of bleach, Kool-Aid inspired hues, and rainbow streaked extensions, let’s take a step back from our metaphorical rosy-color shades this spring/summer and choose a more natural hair hue.

No more chasing rainbows! This look is getting the PINK SLIP.

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Two-in-One Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty & Fashion Tip For Women–Losing Static Cling

Hey all! I apologize for the delay in posts. I have been in and out of the emergency room getting my head checked out. After landing a mild concussion from a sporadic back flip, I’m now back in the game with today’s two-in-one beauty and fashion tip of the week to make up for loss of time… hopefully I have some sense knocked into me!

We all have experienced static cling either with flyway strands of hair or clothes bunched in awkward places after getting dressed in the morning. Since we’re approaching winter months, experiencing static becomes especially more frequent due to the lack of moisture in cold air.

With this two-in-one beauty and fashion Tip(sy) Tuesday, I’ll tell you how to get rid of both static tresses and have your clothes de-stick.

Static-Clothes-PinkSlipFashionBeauty Tip: For loose locks and flyways, the trick to removing static and creating a sleek finish is easy: use a dryer sheet. With a simple swipe across your coiffure, you’ll be out of the door in a flash with a smooth mane to follow.

Fashion Tip: Similar to how static sticks our tresses straight up, it also causes our clothes to stick to us during the colder months of the year. If you do have awkward folds and bunches from garments that cling to your every move, try a thin layer of lotion, either on your skin or depending on the fabric, the underside of the garment, and voila!

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Trending: Pink Hair Everywhere!

Pastel colored hairstyles have been picking up momentum, arguably since 2010, especially in shades of pink. From Valentino’s spring ‘10 advertisements featuring Dree Hemingway with romantically dramatic all pink locks to notoriously pink haired model Charlotte Free, this sizzling shade seems to be inescapable in a got-to-have-that-look kind of way. Designer John Galliano even took a swing and hit out of the park having his models sport the multicolor painted on shades at one of his shows. Though we’re creeping up on two years since this trend first surfaced, it’s hanging on and successfully making its way through the 2012 season with gained velocity.

How did this trend begin? It seems as if this fantastical style has dribbled up from the streets and onto the runways with seemingly impeccable speed. Outside of the Katy Perry, Gaga, or N. Minaj realm, all of who are expected to carry the torch of shock factor, other Hollywood stars have taken note and donned wearable  adaptations of colored locks, which has now quickly filtered back into the mainstream of the masses.

Everyone from Lauren Conrad, who’s notorious for donning flirtatiously dip-dyed pastel hues to Julia Roberts who has boasted a mommy-chic version with wavy pink streaks has personalized this youthful, yet sophisticated and cool style. And let’s not forget about one of our favorite comedians and host of E! Online’s Fashion Police Joan River who wanted a piece of this poppin’ pink shade for herself (also take a look at a new backstage interview with Chris Benz on E! Online who has debuted an all pink coiffure while speaking on his NY fashion week line).

After some debate, I too jumped on board with this trend and excitedly made a visit to my hair stylist to reinterpret this popular style. Once the process commenced and the dip-dyed phase of dying my dark brown hair to blonde took place, I knew there was no turning back. 5 1/2 hours later, I was staring vis-à-vis with handheld mirror adjusted in sunlight, witnessing my chopped, pink ombre locks. To say the least, I absolutely love it! 

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