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Which Casual Friday Styles Are Getting the Axe?

Top 5 Casual Friday Misses

PInk Slip Fashion What Not To Wear On Casual Friday

Good ole Friday workdays often elicit a more casual than corporate vibe. Work flow may be slower, employees might enjoy longer breaks and lunch, and people usually slack off in the attire department (as people in the fashion know give those style perpetuators side eye).

Pink Slip is here to put an end to some casual friday styles that should quickly get the axe from you wardrobe. Although the Uggs and leggings look didn’t make the list of casual friday dont’s, we did make sure to include 5 top offenders that a lot of us have committed.

What Not To Wear on Casual Fridays

  1. Yoga Pants
    First off, we can’t even classify yoga pants as a style, as they simply are what the name bluntly states–Yoga Pants–or a piece of clothing that you work out in. Sure the breathable, soft cotton garment may seem like the best toss-on-and-go option for casual Friday style, but this comfy exercise pant isn’t appropriate for the office. In the same vein as leggings, skin tight yoga pants that often double as a lint roller, aren’t appropriate for casual wear, let alone casual wear fit for the office.

    Try a dark wash, slim fit denim that will still offer the stretch and cottony comfort of a yoga pant, but will be more suitable for work.

  3. Low Cut Tops
    We’ve all known the woman who shows up to the office with her enviable cleavage busting out of her low-cut stretchy blouse (probably some type of micro-fiber) and thought “can she tame those puppies!” We have to see women like this on the dance floor, at our favorite bars, or even at a sport’s game when we’re hanging out with our guy buds. The office space shouldn’t be one of those places. Not only is it distracting for women co-workers, it can bring on some unwanted and inappropriate attention from men. Let’s leave the twins for a girl’s night out and not casual friday at work. Keep it modest at work by pairing a camisole under that low-cut top.

  5. High Stilettos
    Unfortunately high stilettos are not just a casual friday misstep. Some women come to the office sporting 6-inch platforms every day of the week. Unless your line of work involves a pole or serving drinks in an establishment with a pole, save the stilettos for being sexy outside of 9-5…including Fridays. A 3-inch pointy toe is a much more sophisticated–and nighttime chic–option.

  7. Message Tees
    For the more casual women in the office, an oversize, frumpy, mom-tee (aka husband’s wrinkled sports tee) is totally the bane of every fashionista’s existence. But what happens when that frumpy mom tries to be cool? She dons a message tee. Save the “high-school snark” for pubescent teens and keep it simple with a classic fitted crew neck or v-neck with blazer.

  9. Open Back Tops
    Last but not least, open back tops are certainly no place for work. If you’re thinking of doing a day-to-night look and you won’t have time to swap out your clothes after leaving the office, try pairing your top with a sweater, jacket, or blazer for a nice workday look. Just having an open back at work, no matter how casual the office environment may seem, could be too informal, especially if it reveals any undergarments.

How to Holiday Style For Your Body Type: Small on Top, Big on Bottom

Pink Slip Fashion believes that every woman should look her best, especially for the holiday season. With an array of cocktail parties and events on the horizon for this season’s cheerful tidings, Pink Slip Fashion has decided to put together some looks for various body types.

Tonight we’re going to focus on silhouettes that cater to women who are smaller on top and bigger on bottom. With help from the ultimate guide to dressing, “Dress Your Best,” by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, I’ve culminated the above looks.

Here are the basics to avoid any fashion slips:

1) For average height women, choose a halter style with an a-line skirt. Go for a waist with some sparkle to accentuate the bust line. The a-line hem in lightweight chiffon will help camouflage larger on bottom areas.

2) For petite women, Pink Slip Fashion recommends that women choose a strapless option. It emphasizes broad shoulders and your decollete. Add a brooch at the neckline to draw more attention to your bodice.

3) Lastly, for taller women who are large on bottom, go for a higher neckline with jewels or beaded detailing. Preferably a sleeveless style to once again highlight shoulders and arms. Structured seams at the bodice and an a-line, knee length hem will create a proportionate and flattering silhouette.

Top off each look with a pointed, metallic shoe, which will define a long, lean leg line, and a small textured clutch.

Don’t forget to submit your best holiday look to to win one of our 12 fab prizes, including a pair of Bansri earrings, NYX smokey eyeshadow set, or $25 HauteLook gift card.

How To Holiday Style for Your Body Type: De-Emphasize a Larger Chest

Pink Slip Fashion understands the dilemma of dressing for the holidays. From staying within budget to mastering the appropriate look for the right venue, styling can easily go haywire at the drop of a slip. On top of everything, there’s choosing a design that will leave an impression and is perfectly suited for your body.

That’s why Pink Slip Fashion wanted to give you daily pointers on dressing for your body type. And for the first day, as requested by a reader, I’m showing you looks that will flatter a bustier shape, especially if you’re uncertain of how to navigate that holiday party without drawing the wrong attention. Check out our top 3 key pointers for the perfect fit: 

1) First things first, remember to choose a dress design with wide straps so as to camouflage a supportive bra. You’ll be able to move comfortably the entire evening and not worry about any wardrobe slips

2) Next, go for styles that have a cinched waist silhouette to show off your oh-so-petite frame. This can be accomplished with a knotted detail, bow, surplice neck, or even just a simple belt.

3) Finally, it’s all about the flare hem. It’s easy to look too top-heavy if your hem is fitted. With a slight flare, you can help to create a proportionate body shape.

With these 3 tips from Pink Slip Fashion, you’ll be undeniably chic, while mastering standout style for your body.

Don’t forget to submit a photo of your best holiday look to enter our 12 Days of X-Mas holiday giveaway! You could even win a $25 HauteLook gift card to maintain your fab style. 

Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips for Women: Removing Stains from Clothing

We at Pink Slip Fashion love to eat! You name the restaurant and we’re up for a foodie adventure — preferably Italian. What does this have to do with today’s Tip(sy) Tuesday fashion tip? Well let’s set the scene: Say you’re enjoying a freshly poured glass of Riseling and a Margherita personal pizza from that cute pizzeria by your studio. All of sudden, a whopping, greasy topping slips off of your slice and onto your freshly laundered…[insert fav. garment item here, cause it’s always your most beloved piece of clothing that gets it the hardest]. You scurry to the wash room, wild eyes for paper towel and soap, but to no avail the grease stain won’t budge. What do you do next? 

Go home and find the nearest can of cola. Toss the fashion item into the wash along with the full can of soda. Add your routine laundry detergent and set on a normal wash cycle. Voila! You’ve just averted a major fashion crisis, saving that favorite garment of yours. 

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For the last Pink Slip Fashion Tip(sy) Tuesday, see below:


Two-in-One Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty & Fashion Tip For Women–Losing Static Cling

Hey all! I apologize for the delay in posts. I have been in and out of the emergency room getting my head checked out. After landing a mild concussion from a sporadic back flip, I’m now back in the game with today’s two-in-one beauty and fashion tip of the week to make up for loss of time… hopefully I have some sense knocked into me!

We all have experienced static cling either with flyway strands of hair or clothes bunched in awkward places after getting dressed in the morning. Since we’re approaching winter months, experiencing static becomes especially more frequent due to the lack of moisture in cold air.

With this two-in-one beauty and fashion Tip(sy) Tuesday, I’ll tell you how to get rid of both static tresses and have your clothes de-stick.

Static-Clothes-PinkSlipFashionBeauty Tip: For loose locks and flyways, the trick to removing static and creating a sleek finish is easy: use a dryer sheet. With a simple swipe across your coiffure, you’ll be out of the door in a flash with a smooth mane to follow.

Fashion Tip: Similar to how static sticks our tresses straight up, it also causes our clothes to stick to us during the colder months of the year. If you do have awkward folds and bunches from garments that cling to your every move, try a thin layer of lotion, either on your skin or depending on the fabric, the underside of the garment, and voila!

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Dressing With Breast Cancer: Flatter Your New Shape!

Catching the tail end of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Pink Slip Fashion wants to show women who have undergone a mastectomy how to dress their body’s post-surgery, returning feelings of confidence, femininity and sexiness with trend-forward styles.

Triumphing against unimaginable difficulties that come from fighting a life threatening illness can oftentimes extinguish self-esteem.  Coping with the fact that your body is irreplaceably different becomes a heartbreaking challenge and emotions become especially heightened after looking in the mirror.

As a person with relatives who have suffered from this distressing and time-consuming illness, I know it’s a trial for breast cancer combatants to find a sense of inner peace, sanctity and comfort.  With this post, I hope to bring some encouragement to these fighters’ indescribably different lives by providing a few styling tips to renew self-esteem and welcome back a restored sense of empowerment.

4 Irreversibly Cool Styles that Will Flatter Your New Shape:

1) Lacy Supportive Bra – Lace will complement your sweet and flirty side, helping you feel feminine.

2) Thick Strap Tank Tops – Thick straps will help camouflage your supportive bra while still giving you noteworthy looks. Try tanks with a subtle pattern, bow detail or metallic trim for even more style presence.

3) Tailored Jacket, Vest, or Cardigan – Every fashion maven needs this in her fall wardrobe. Styles with a belt or cinching will highlight the best of your curves, while showing off your thin waistline.

4) Patterns and Ombre Skirts or Dresses – To deflect away from your chest, try a print skirt or dress with patterned bottom. To play up the sophisticated ombre trend, choose designs with saturated hues closer to the hem.


Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips For Women: Remove Deodorant From Clothes

Hi fellow fashion and beauty industry lovers!

I decided to launch this week’s first: Tip(sy) Tuesday — title subject to change. I’ll give you guys a practical and affordable style tip to incorporate into your everyday lives each Tuesday, allowing me to write something short and sweet on my off days while still giving you useful content. Without further ado, I’ll announce today’s tip: removing pesky deodorant stains!

Scenario: It’s morning and you’re running late for work. With a dash, you hop in and out of the shower (or you may omit entirely if you’re REALLY behind schedule) and with a quick motion of the hand, you slop on deodorant. Next, you toss on your favorite wrinkle-free blouse and of course trousers. You are heading out of the door, but before your foot crosses the threshold you realize that you have a whopping white stain smeared along the side of your favorite go-to knit. What to do?

Don’t panic! Go to your closet and grab the nearest pair of hosiery to easily swipe away that embarrassing streak. No need for soap and water in attempts to hurriedly scrub off this common fashion faux pas because any pair of stockings will do. You will be on your way to work without missing a beat.

Hope you enjoyed and come back next Tuesday for another useful tip!

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Menswear Styles for Women: How To Translate for Your Closet

Thanks to style icons Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Giorgio Armani, menswear pieces can bring a certain edge to your feminine look while you still ultimately feel like a woman — as the Shania Twain song goes — just with a certain empowerment. Don’t have the cash to pick up a boxy multi-blend tweed from the high-end Chanel line or don a pricey piece from McQueen or Armani, opt for some other key pieces instead that you can swap in and out easily.

Not sure where to start, take a cue from Armani the connoisseur of the perfect structured jacket, and you’ll find that a versatile piece like this can pair with almost anything in your closet. ”The simple men’s jacket, which combines a sense of physical power and elegance to create a discreet and sophisticated sensuality is the centerpiece of Giorgio Armani’s style,” from Pamela Golbin’s Fashion Designers.  I agree with both Pamela and Armani, in that a jacket with the right fit can bring forth a sense of authority and strength for women.

Other pieces that can help recreate the platform for male-inspired dress is tossing in a lengthening trench or tailored trouser. Both can complement your masculine style identity, as well as give edge to your softer self. Be careful if you’re on the vertically challenged side (like myself). Selecting a trench that’s TOO lengthy, will make you look like your clothes have engulfed you head first. When in doubt, think “What would Armani do?” remembering that fit IS key, even in loose menswear-inspired attire.

A few other things to look at when selecting the appropriate jacket or trench include lapel size, as you want to highlight, not detract from your gorgeous face, how many button closures, and length. Everything should be in proportion to your figure (more on that in later posts).

And to add just a little more edge, don’t forget to toss in a newsboy cap or combat boot. The perfect accessories can really set the mood for your male-stirred persona.