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Freeze! This Tribal Poncho is in Serious Trouble

Pink Slip Tribal Ponchos

With snowstorms perilously making their way across the country–stealthily avoiding sunny SoCal–it’s no shocker that fashionistas everywhere are bundling up in soft-to-the-touch cashmeres, cozy cable knits, and warm wool blends. Seemingly easy to toss on layers: styling print button-downs with embroidered cardigans or even opting for a tough-as-nails leather look, there’s one miss that a lot of people seem to fall victim to: the tribal poncho!

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Ankle Cuff…More Like Ankle Monitor

Pink Slip Wide Ankle Cuffs

Pink Slip the Wide Ankle Cuff This Season

Pink Slip Fashion wouldn’t be surprised if the wide ankle cuff trend were started by Lindsay Lohan herself. Now that we’ve hopefully grown from our fashion crimes, we can shake down our shoe wardrobes and lock up these pumps for good. Ok…ok enough with the metaphors.

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PInk Slip the Checkers Fashion Trend

Say Checkmate! It’s Time to Pink Slip The Checkers Fashion Trend

My guess is your style probably has a checkered past. With the resurgence of gargantuan black & white square patterns on runways this past Spring 2013, it’s easy to see how this checkers fashion trend quickly gathered speed in both high fashion circles and street style cultures. However, it’s time to call checkmate on this game and switch to a pattern that doesn’t make us look like walking chessboards.

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SamSarpong boy london

PInk Slip Interviews Sam Sarpong: BET Host & Tommy Hilfiger Model

Sam Sarpong. In case you haven’t heard of him (even though I’m sure you have), he’s a jack of all trades AND master of all! As a successful model, actor, and recent host for BET, Sarpong is stealthily taking over the entertainment industry! 

Elan Carson: At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to establish yourself as an entertainer? And why was that important to you at that time?

Sam Sarpong: When I was a kid I liked to watch T.V. a lot. One of my favorites was Dukes of Hazard because they drove really fast cars. It was the fast cars on Dukes of Hazard that did it for me. I love what I do and the fact that I can affect so many people’s lives by my work as an entertainer.

EC: Where were you when you first heard the news that you landed a job as a BET host and how did that feel?

SS: It felt great knowing I was going to be hosting the BET Awards. BET had come to me after seeing my work at MTV. I looked forward to it because I had never hosted the BET Awards and it was my first time also attending them.

EC: Who are some of the people that have been crucial in helping you to succeed?

SS: There are several people that help me succeed daily. My father, sister, my publicist Terrance and Nyvia, my management Steve, my hosting agent Melissa, my agent JD, my road manager Brian and the entire Future Stars staff. You are nothing without your team.

EC: Looking back at how far you’ve come, how does it now feel to be heralded as Hollywood’s Renaissance Man?

SS: It feels great to be heralded as Hollywood’s Renaissance Man. It’s a true blessing. It shows that if you never give up, things can happen for you.


EC: If you could look into the future, how do you see your career evolving over the next few years?

SS: In the next few years I see myself running Future Stars Entertainment Group as a management, production company, clothing brand, and just building an empire to create jobs for other people.

EC: How have you changed from your first role as a host to being the face of Tommy Hilfiger to appearing in 60 films?

SS: I haven’t really changed much since my first role as a host and Tommy Hilfiger. It is all the same to me. Entertainment cross references each other, so all the things I do whether it be acting, modeling, hosting or music, they all help build my brand.

EC: Knowing that you possess a variety of talents, what’s the one skill on which you pride yourself the most?

SS: Acting is the one skill I pride myself most on because it is the hardest. When you are acting you are playing someone else so people really judge your work. [With] music and hosting, ultimately you are being yourself. Even if people still judge you, you don’t take it as personal.

 EC: Has race ever been a defining factor in determining if you’re the “right” fit for a position and how have you leveraged being an African-American male in a pre-dominantly Caucasian industry to your advantage?

SS: Race plays a role every single day for me. I have always seen myself not as a color but as a person. There have been many times through my career where they didn’t want a black person for the job, but I walk in the room and with the presence of God they end up wanting me and they don’t even know why. If you strongly believe that you are right for something you will continuously break down barriers.


Pink Slip Fashion recently had the chance to interview Hollywood’s Renaissance Man,

EC: What’s one trend for men that you think is going out of style and should get the PINK SLIP?

SS: The style for men that should definitely get the Pink Slip is when men wear real colorful shirts like some of the crazy Versace prints. Especially when they are wearing them just because it costs $2,000.00. Clothes don’t make a man, a man makes the clothes.

You can stay up to date with this leading Hollywood Renaissance Man via Twitter: @mrsamsarpong

Fade Away Ombré

Pink Slip Ombre

As ombre shades fade from light to dark (or vice versa), the time has come to let this once drooled over trend fade from our wardrobes.

Pink Slip Fashion recommends experimenting with color changing hues via colorblock. This trend is still going strong and you can find a myriad of bold, divided colors on statement clutches, dresses, and straight leg pants.

Are you Holding on to the Handlebars?

The handlebars on this style is taking a new turn to the sales bin at Urban Outfitters. Park that once oh-so-hip(ster) mustache trend there, along with accompanying novelties, and get a little grunge this season with thrifty 90’s esque plaid.

We’re giving mustaches The PINK SLIP.

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Queen Bey Needs a Reality Check!

Queen Bey is in need of an “Oops I did it again” moment with a hit single as her latest track “Bow Down” is not playing out so well with the public. Celebrated fashion icon and diva, as well as noted women’s rights supporter, her new track features the repetitious B-word and some odd imagery that’s, quite frankly, scaring us! Come on Beyonce, stop jockin’ Rihanna’s style and get it together…pronto. I’m gonna have to give this song the PINK SLIP!

Perks of Being a Wallflower: Sam’s Style

If it isn’t already noted, we at Pink Slip Fashion are huge fans of Emma Watson. From her lovable know-it-all persona and ofttimes brains behind the Harry Potter trio as Miss Hermione Granger to her new role as Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, she treads in the offbeat path of her characters, capturing audiences with her uncouth cool.

In her new film,  Perks…., Watson forms another unlikely trio, as her character Sam and step-brother Patrick take in an introverted freshman, Charlie, and together they battle the stomping grounds of high-school.

Though they may easily be mistaken as misfit youth, this dynamic threesome is really on the revolt for a much better reality than the harsher setting of adolescent culture clash inside of school hallways.

Doing this all in style and to the tunes of Bowie, The Beatles, and Sonic Youth, this cinematic adaption of what it’s like to be youthful and simultaneously broken, is heartwrenchingly truthful and marvelous to watch.

To capture some of the spirit of Sam’s preppy-meets-alt style, I’ve compiled some images of slouchy sweaters, maryjanes, lettermen jackets and three staples that you’ll never see her without: opaque tights, some form of plaid, and her signature headband. Have fun recreating her east-coast on revolt aesthetic for your own fall wardrobe.

The Voice Season 3: Daniel Rosa & Preppy Style

Hands down one of my favorite competitors on season 3 of The Voice is Daniel Rosa. Though I do not watch reality talent shows often, there’s something alluring about this series that from time to time I find myself plopped in front of the television set blubbering. This was one of those episodes.

The three-hour premier kicked off Tuesday night airing on NBC. For those who aren’t up to speed on what was so emotionally heart wrenching about this particular episode, let me fill you in: Last season Daniel Rosa walked away without being chosen by any of the panel’s judges consisting of Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton, despite his unique vocals and amazing potential. 

Leaving the stage with advice from the Top 40 superstars, he returned this season and knocked it out of the park with an unrecognizable and smoothly cool rendition of Gotye’s “Somebody that I Used to Know,” this time around catching the attention of both Cee Lo and Blake Shelton (Spoiler alert: he opts for Cee Lo as his coach). 

It was obvious that everyone — including Adam Levine who immediately jumped on stage and embraced Rosa before he made his selection on who was to be his coach — was uproariously excited that he succeeded in the blind auditions after giving it a go for the second time. I too cheered and became teary eyed (cue tissues), because his story represents the classic case of the underdog. Before I became too overwhelmed, I changed the station to regroup (yes, I was THAT emotional), but caught one last glimpse of Daniel’s look before tuning out.

If you check out the above photos, it’s clear that in addition to his undeniably rich and simultaneously raspy vocals, this kid has a knack for styling and I’ll have to catch each episode to update you on what he’s wearing next (though I may be playing crossies behind my back, as I have stated earlier that I’m not the best with following shows season to season, though this could be a great idea for future blog posts.)

Back to Daniel: From Season 2 in the bottom right photo, he sports a grey cardigan, burgundy button-down — and with a pop of yellow —, a cordial bowtie. The later look was topped off with his signature wide brim black glasses.

This year, he continues in the same vein mimicking his former on-air look with yet another grey cardigan. Though this time, he swapped out the burgundy button-down for a white-collar shirt and caught our attention with a green necktie instead of a not-so-mellow yellow hue.  An owl emblem decorated the chest of his cardigan giving his look a bit of East-coast prep, as Lisa Birnbach would say, and somehow subtly reminded me of Hogwarts (did anyone else get that vibe?). Either way, I loved it and I am not letting my bias as a Harry Potter fan precede this decision. 

Overall, I’m excited for this season and hope other participants can nail both their vocals and style just as well as Daniel, though we’re rooting for the underdog of course! I’m sure he won’t leave us disappointed with the many more episodes to come and will continue impressing us with his soothing voice, as well as sharp aesthetic.

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