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Are QR Codes Dead?

A big social media question on our radar is “Are QR Codes Dead?”

QR codes, a marketing tactic employed by major corporations, including retail industry heavyweights Victoria’s Secret & Macy’s are starting to slip from our radar.

Either caused by the disinterest of a mobile consumer who doesn’t have a scanning app pre-installed on their phone or by a company who’s tired of having a square block of symbols visually interfere with a campaign, recent data shows that the publication of QR codes and its public consumption have reached their peak and are slowly falling.

This year alone, there has been a 17% decrease of QR codes in popular magazines. And though there was a 38% year-over-year rise in scans between Q1 & Q2, that doesn’t live up to its original hype of a 157% jump back in 2011.

Even though QR codes are still on the up, they’re losing a lot of momentum and quickly. blogger B.L. Ochman even writes that QR codes have been trampled by easier-to-use apps.

What are you thoughts? Are you giving QR codes the PINK SLIP?