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Fashion Fads Digital Prints Fashion Trend 2014

Don’t Reboot the Digital Print Fashion Trend

The digital print fashion trend has been powering the runway, red carpets and daily style wear for several seasons. Designers conceptualized the advancement of technology with a futuristic print using photo realistic graphics. Bold colors, computerized visuals, and angular design elements alluded to the style of the future, all based on, and often with help from the evolution of tech.

Mostly paired with neon colors, the digital print fashion trend was easy-to-style, fun to wear, and added an extra pop of cool. Now that we’ve caught up to our idealized fashion future, current examples of this trend are beginning to look more dated than futuristic. In more recent seasons, for example, saturated floral designs and color block patterns replaced geometric shapes, creating eye-catching clothing. However, as we move forward into the 2015 resort wear season, it’s time to reboot our wardrobes with fresher patterns, leaving this digital print fashion trend in the past.

Although digi prints are phasing out, there are other stand-out patterns that can work as a creative alternative, and depending on the design, can be timeless. Try abstract, painterly prints or black-and-white backgrounds with a striking foreground to update the current version of your wardrobe. Digi prints are getting the pink slip!

Trade in Your Maryjanes for a Pointed-Toe Pump!

Pink Slip Maryjanes this season and walk the line in the still trending pointed-toe pump!

Our once fave goody-two-shoes, it’s time to tell our Maryjanes to take a hike back to our Clueless fangirl days when Cher Horowitz confidently strutted her stuff in a pair.

Let’s pick up our stride in something a little more chic for fall with a pointed toe pick, be it in a cap toe design, patent finish, or adorned with a totally-in ankle strap!