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Those Nails! YIKES!!

Hello everyone!

You can call me Make It Work Molly- Miss Pink Slip Fashion and I “met” one another through the Lucky Blogger Community and I’m so excited to be syndicating my own blog posts here!

Now that we have introductions out of the way, let’s get along to what I think needs to be given the pink slip. Nail art. And not all nail art is bad, but I’m talking about the outrageous patterns that clash with your outfit unless you’re in all black/white/grey tones.

I really really really HATE the multiple patterns and drawings and gems that people stick on their nails. First of all, let’s be honest, how long does that stuff actually last? If you’re anything like me and do absolutely anything with your nails there is no WAY it lasts past the picture. It just can’t.

A quick Pinterest search pulls up some fun ones:


I mean for real seriously? I truly hope if I were a guy and I went out with a girl with THIS on her nails for Valentine’s Day that I would find some way to sneak out the window of the restaurant bathroom. Yuck.


Oh this is another fun one:


I am truly concerned about the amount of time that you literally have on your hands (pun intended) if you have the time to paint itsy bitsy leopard dots on top of your gold French manicure.


And this one:




Please make it stop.








With nails like these, I’m afraid to even criticize. You could literally claw my eyes out.


I think y’all get the point. So anyways- please, give this trend the pink slip!!

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Love to all y’all,



This Trend Makes Me Want to Claw My Eyes Out

Stiletto Nails…Ouch

by Ashley Salinas

Pink Slip Fashion Stiletto Nails

Time to put the stilettos away and I’m not talking about the stilettos
that we walk in ladies. Yeah you got it, those stiletto nails that
you see just about every woman wearing nowadays. The ones that make
you cringe by just the thought of being accidentally poked in the eye
by these things. I think it’s time to give this trend the pink slip.

Not only am I getting a Vampira vibe, these Lady Gaga inspired claws
just seem dangerous to be around! Plus, what happens if one breaks??
Awkward anyone? Unless you’re a Scooby Doo monster or going as a witch for
Halloween, there’s no need to rock this celebrity-popularized trend.

Now for those who are guffawing and absolutely just can’t let this trend go
we’ll give you a break and say try a shorter version of the stiletto nail.
Short looks more chic and sophisticated. If these nails are too long the look kinda
turns costume-ish. I mean honestly you can’t do much with nails that are
6 inches long anyways!

Stiletto nails are getting the PINK SLIP.

Not So Pretty In Pink (or Pastel)

A beauty trend you’re probably tired of spotting, Pink Slip was all over this pastel shade coif last year (we even tried our own version of pink dip-dyed locks inspired by master’s Chris Benz and Charlotte Free).

Now, after donning lots of bleach, Kool-Aid inspired hues, and rainbow streaked extensions, let’s take a step back from our metaphorical rosy-color shades this spring/summer and choose a more natural hair hue.

No more chasing rainbows! This look is getting the PINK SLIP.

(photo from weheartit.com)

Nail Down a New Look!

Popularized by the Real Housewives, a splash of a contrast nail color on a solitary finger was big for 2012. People even added a little more drama to this cool trend by tossing in prints and shimmering glitter polish. 

As we’re transitioning seasons, we’re also spotting a transition of this beauty fad that has made it’s way around the style gamut. It’s time to usher back into play uniformity. Be it a solid shade lacquered all the way across your nails or a standout pattern, switch out the one-nail color trend this season. 

We’re giving this look the PINK SLIP.

Beauty tips for women

Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips For Women: How to Use Babywipes

As a linchpin to every fashionista’s beauty routine, makeup remover or a good face wash can be our best friends after a long day. Night after night, we tiredly make our way to the sink to take off hours worth of gunky, caked on makeup that ranges from the primer-foundation-loose powder trifecta to eyeliner rings. As a way to make this bedtime routine a little smoother, Pink Slip Fashion did some research and is back with tonight’s Tip(sy) Tuesday beauty tip: using baby wipes as face wipes.

A little out of the ordinary, but well-received, using baby wipes as a makeup remover goes a long way when taking off a day’s face. Talked about in Marie Claire’s March issue and mentioned by beauty writer Petra Guglielmetti, it seems as though an easy way to indulge in soft, clean skin every evening is to give a swipe of this made-for-babies cleaning sheet.

Here are the pros:

1) Since baby wipes are specifically designed for infants, they are amazingly gentle. Most brand of wipes are actually free of phthalates, parabens, and fragrance, in addition to being hypoallergenic. A brand that Pink Slip recommends is Pampers Senstive Skin wipes.

2) To piggy-back on the latter mentioned pro, Pampers Sensitive Skin specifically will not sting or cause irritation, leaving you with a fresh feeling. 

3) Lastly, baby wipes are the less expensive option compared to makeup remover wipes, which is something any fashionista can appreciate in this economy. 

(photos from vibevixen.com and goodhousekeeping.com)

Tip(sy) Tuesdsay Beauty Tips For Women: How to Perk Up Your Pout

The season of shimmer doesn’t stop with the holiday’s. You may want to ring in some showstopping sparkle long after those New Year’s celebrations. You have your sleek sequin dress, coated eyelids, and…how about those lips?

Pink Slip Fashion‘s Tip(sy) Tuesday is here to fill you in on how to get the perfect plumped pout by adding a touch of shimmer. The best part is, we’re sure you already have these supplies in your beauty arsenal.

Step 1: Outline your lips using a lighter shade of lip pencil.

Step 2: Fill in your pout with a matched shade of foundation or opt for a primer. (Pink Slip Fashion recommends Elizabeth Arden’s Eye Fix Primer that works well both for your lids and pout). This will maximize your lip color’s full hue and radiance.

Step 3: Apply your favorite lip color.

Step 4: Add a bit of gold or silver flecked shimmer eye-shadow to the center of your top and bottom lip to give the illusion of a plumper pucker.

You’ve just mastered a fuller lip in under three minutes.

Check out Pink Slip Fashion’s last Tip(sy) Tuesday on eliminating oily shine.

Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips For Women: Eliminating Oily Skin

Pink Slip Fashion is back again with more advice. As per usual, Tip(sy) Tuesday is here to help you avoid fashion slips and find solutions to those beauty “hang-ups” and “hang-overs.”

This week’s tip may seem to air on the more peculiar side, but it is guaranteed to bring wanted results. 

For those of us who battle oily skin (even through winter’s drier months) it is safe to say that constantly applying powder, using oil-controlled moisturizers, and keeping a stack of blotters on-hand can become an obnoxious daily routine.

What happens if the universe decides to throw a wrench into your methodical skincare regimen: Your powder breaks, your favorite oil-free moisturizer is sold-out, your blotters were misplaced in the hustle and bustle of your busy day-to-day schedule? You will be in need of a quick fix pronto!

There’s a simple solution: find the nearest restroom and grab a toilet seat cover. Perfect as a once in awhile trick to help slick away unwanted oily shine, you’ll be over the ick factor after a quick swipe leaves a flawless matte finish comparable to designer blotters.

Check out last week’s tip provided by Pink Slip Fashion on removing scuff marks from patent leather shoes.

(photos from tipsbucket.com, relentlessbride.com, & blingingbeauty.com)

Fafi: Graffiti Meets Fashion

Hey readers! I apologize for not giving you interesting content to sink your eyeballs into for the past couple of days. Honestly, I wasn’t sure which direction I was headed towards next as far as who or what I should blog about. After cajoling the edges of my many crinkled post-it notes by my laptop with smeared ink of ideas, I finally decided at 5:00AM to bring you a post on the legendary female graffiti artist and designer Fafi. 

I first came across her work freshman year of college (never mind how long ago that was) when researching project ideas for my final in the course Art, Space, and Identity in Urban America. After my very down-to-earth professors orchestrated a graffiti tour in the heart of Los Angeles lead by graffiti artist Mear One and L.A. historian Mike the Poet, I knew I had to somehow bring the idea of urban art as graffiti into the forefronts of my final and integrate it with my love for fashion. 

Scouring through every Nylon magazine I could get my hands on, I finally came across the name Fafi (Nylon magazine has NEVER let me down) and her rise as a woman’s graffiti artist from Toulouse, France who has garnered attention with her eye-popping, multicolor visuals showcased on city streets. 

The ingenuity behind her art (in this case I’m referring to graffiti as art, not to be confused with inelegant street tagging or gang affiliated pictographs strewn on brick walls), stems from her impressive use of colors as well as subject matter. She boldly articulates herself as a woman in the mainly thought of male culture by choosing to illustrate sexy, doll-like women known as Fafinettes.

One thing that separates her from a traditional graffitist is her use of paint and a paint brush instead of spray paint, which as the Noisette blogger points out, makes her an undoubtedly easy target to be arrested. But where would we be without the audacious talents of Fafi who has earned respect not only on the streets as an artist, but who has also caught the attention of numerous fashion and beauty industry savants.

On that fateful day when I came across the Nylon magazine article covering Fafi, it detailed her collaboration with M.A.C. cosmetics. I knew at that point that fashion was more than just a private art for the elite, who arguably use runways similar to the likes of gallery showings. And despite high criticism from bohemian classmates at the time who defamed any artistic adventure, such as fashion, as a capitalistic and inarticulate means of expression to dominate youth culture, I turned to Fafi as a model for my argument against their ideas.

Fafi risked being apprehended for her artwork to bring to the public undeniably breathtaking visuals. She aroused a strong sense of personal responsibility as an artist, attracting a wide audience, including M.A.C. cosmetics, which earned her a spot as one of the designers for their February 2008 line. This was a clear case that fashion and beauty has and always will have the power to filter in from the streets, asserting the power of youth culture instead of youth culture being victimized by the fashion and beauty industry.

It’s also about taking one woman’s very public space and identity as a graffitist and re-creating that same momentum and love for art on a different platform via an industry of beauty and fashion. Outside of M.A.C., and if you can’t make it to a Toulouse city street, Fafi has worked with Adidas, LeSportsac handbags, and Chanel. She has catapulted into the fashion industry, bringing her edge and culture with her, unveiling the sought after persona behind her whimsical and fashionable street art. 

(photos from fafi.net and bkrw.com)