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Fade Away Ombré

Pink Slip Ombre

As ombre shades fade from light to dark (or vice versa), the time has come to let this once drooled over trend fade from our wardrobes.

Pink Slip Fashion recommends experimenting with color changing hues via colorblock. This trend is still going strong and you can find a myriad of bold, divided colors on statement clutches, dresses, and straight leg pants.

Nautical Nonsense Decked by Colorful Stripes

We’re giving nautical-style stripes THE PINK SLIP. The once popular and preppy fashion statement, seafaring stripes was in last season but is no longer making a splash on the runway. Instead opt for pantone shade stripes, chunky wave patterns, stark contrasts, and colorblock to liven up this classic, (a)symmetrical pattern.¬†