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Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips For Women: How to Use Babywipes

As a linchpin to every fashionista’s beauty routine, makeup remover or a good face wash can be our best friends after a long day. Night after night, we tiredly make our way to the sink to take off hours worth of gunky, caked on makeup that ranges from the primer-foundation-loose powder trifecta to eyeliner rings. As a way to make this bedtime routine a little smoother, Pink Slip Fashion did some research and is back with tonight’s Tip(sy) Tuesday beauty tip: using baby wipes as face wipes.

A little out of the ordinary, but well-received, using baby wipes as a makeup remover goes a long way when taking off a day’s face. Talked about in Marie Claire’s March issue and mentioned by beauty writer Petra Guglielmetti, it seems as though an easy way to indulge in soft, clean skin every evening is to give a swipe of this made-for-babies cleaning sheet.

Here are the pros:

1) Since baby wipes are specifically designed for infants, they are amazingly gentle. Most brand of wipes are actually free of phthalates, parabens, and fragrance, in addition to being hypoallergenic. A brand that Pink Slip recommends is Pampers Senstive Skin wipes.

2) To piggy-back on the latter mentioned pro, Pampers Sensitive Skin specifically will not sting or cause irritation, leaving you with a fresh feeling. 

3) Lastly, baby wipes are the less expensive option compared to makeup remover wipes, which is something any fashionista can appreciate in this economy. 

(photos from vibevixen.com and goodhousekeeping.com)