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Tip(sy) Tuesday Beauty Tips For Women: Eliminating Oily Skin

Pink Slip Fashion is back again with more advice. As per usual, Tip(sy) Tuesday is here to help you avoid fashion slips and find solutions to those beauty “hang-ups” and “hang-overs.”

This week’s tip may seem to air on the more peculiar side, but it is guaranteed to bring wanted results. 

For those of us who battle oily skin (even through winter’s drier months) it is safe to say that constantly applying powder, using oil-controlled moisturizers, and keeping a stack of blotters on-hand can become an obnoxious daily routine.

What happens if the universe decides to throw a wrench into your methodical skincare regimen: Your powder breaks, your favorite oil-free moisturizer is sold-out, your blotters were misplaced in the hustle and bustle of your busy day-to-day schedule? You will be in need of a quick fix pronto!

There’s a simple solution: find the nearest restroom and grab a toilet seat cover. Perfect as a once in awhile trick to help slick away unwanted oily shine, you’ll be over the ick factor after a quick swipe leaves a flawless matte finish comparable to designer blotters.

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(photos from tipsbucket.com, relentlessbride.com, & blingingbeauty.com)

Menswear Styles for Women: How To Translate for Your Closet

Thanks to style icons Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Giorgio Armani, menswear pieces can bring a certain edge to your feminine look while you still ultimately feel like a woman — as the Shania Twain song goes — just with a certain empowerment. Don’t have the cash to pick up a boxy multi-blend tweed from the high-end Chanel line or don a pricey piece from McQueen or Armani, opt for some other key pieces instead that you can swap in and out easily.

Not sure where to start, take a cue from Armani the connoisseur of the perfect structured jacket, and you’ll find that a versatile piece like this can pair with almost anything in your closet. ”The simple men’s jacket, which combines a sense of physical power and elegance to create a discreet and sophisticated sensuality is the centerpiece of Giorgio Armani’s style,” from Pamela Golbin’s Fashion Designers.  I agree with both Pamela and Armani, in that a jacket with the right fit can bring forth a sense of authority and strength for women.

Other pieces that can help recreate the platform for male-inspired dress is tossing in a lengthening trench or tailored trouser. Both can complement your masculine style identity, as well as give edge to your softer self. Be careful if you’re on the vertically challenged side (like myself). Selecting a trench that’s TOO lengthy, will make you look like your clothes have engulfed you head first. When in doubt, think “What would Armani do?” remembering that fit IS key, even in loose menswear-inspired attire.

A few other things to look at when selecting the appropriate jacket or trench include lapel size, as you want to highlight, not detract from your gorgeous face, how many button closures, and length. Everything should be in proportion to your figure (more on that in later posts).

And to add just a little more edge, don’t forget to toss in a newsboy cap or combat boot. The perfect accessories can really set the mood for your male-stirred persona.