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Let’s Get FUR-real!

Pink Slip Color Fur

Pink Slip Colored Fur

Pink Slip Fashion is back this week with another ghastly trend that’s getting the ax!

Though we’re writing from “still sunny” California while the rest of the country is probably facing crippling blizzards or hail storms, that doesn’t mean we aren’t experts at determining what’s in and what’s out when it comes to fur!

So kick back in your fuzzy slippers with warm cocoa in hand and read below why colored fur is getting the PINK SLIP.

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Stop Yourself from Getting Hi-Lo Dresses


Hi-Lo Dresses Can Hitch the Next Available Ride (Out of our Closets)

Holiday season is upon us. And though we may be stressed with decorating, gift shopping, and spending quality time with members of the family we may normally avoid, like Aunt Sally with the weird cheese breath, finding the perfect holiday dress should not be on this list of avoided activities.

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Denim-on-Denim Blues…This Sob Story is Getting the Pink Slip

You’ve probably Googled, “how to wear denim on denim” and the surplus of trendy fashion blogs showing you how to effortlessly sport this industrial-woman-chic look most likely encouraged you to try it for yourself. What’s the big deal? Rock your favorite chambray with a colored blazer and/or a slightly different hue denim jean along with ankle cuff pumps. Volia! You just made magic occur. But the truth is, even with a pop of accessories, or contrast of denim, the “effortless” denim-on-denim trend isn’t that chic.

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Vertical Stripe Black & White Leggings

Toss the Black & White Leggings!

Which look is out of fashion this week? You guessed it!

Stop clowning around with jester pants & toss the black & white leggings. Go sporty with a racer stripe instead. Ideal for 9-5 style or a night out, a racer stripe pant is the perfect blend of casual, cool & polished.

No offense Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice…nothing), but black and white striped pants are getting the PINK SLIP.

Trade in Your Maryjanes for a Pointed-Toe Pump!

Pink Slip Maryjanes this season and walk the line in the still trending pointed-toe pump!

Our once fave goody-two-shoes, it’s time to tell our Maryjanes to take a hike back to our Clueless fangirl days when Cher Horowitz confidently strutted her stuff in a pair.

Let’s pick up our stride in something a little more chic for fall with a pointed toe pick, be it in a cap toe design, patent finish, or adorned with a totally-in ankle strap!

What NOT to Wear to an Interview

Pink Slip Fashion knows that when you’ve just landed an interview, there’s a ton of prep work involved—practicing answering questions, researching the company, and putting together a topnotch portfolio.

However, one thing in particular needs careful attention: your wardrobe!

There are the inevitable taboos like sloppy attire or sporting heels appropriate for a night out instead of the office. However, the number one offender seems to be the mini skirt!

Pink Slip the above-the-knee options and go for something mature and classic like a pencil skirt or straight leg trouser in a neutral other than black, like gray, khaki, or even navy.

Picking a more flattering option will leave a lasting first impression and may even score you a second interview or the job!

Lose the Pink Leggings

Not-so-pretty-in-pink, toss this dated look back to the 80’s along with all of its ripped, shredded, and animal print varieties. From hot pink to bubblegum, this blushing shade is no longer tickling us in any sort of way. 

Unless you’re a pre-teen hitting a One Direction concert, it’s time to Pink Slip the pink legging and prep for fall with neutral tone options instead.