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Wear Plaid Fashionably

How to Wear Plaid without Being Pink Slipped

Does your style have a checkered past? Don’t worry Pink Slip Fashion is here to help erase your fashion crimes with this brief tips posting on how to wear plaid!

Pink Slip has a love/hate relationship with plaid. To resolve this, we’re going to show you which plaid styles are making a comeback with a chic and modern update!

Check out my collage above to learn how to revamp plaid styles you may have given the PINK SLIP, like a knee-length checkered coat and bold plaid pants, or turn a button-down plaid shirt into a statement piece to wear to the office!

Perks of Being a Wallflower: Sam’s Style

If it isn’t already noted, we at Pink Slip Fashion are huge fans of Emma Watson. From her lovable know-it-all persona and ofttimes brains behind the Harry Potter trio as Miss Hermione Granger to her new role as Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, she treads in the offbeat path of her characters, capturing audiences with her uncouth cool.

In her new film,  Perks…., Watson forms another unlikely trio, as her character Sam and step-brother Patrick take in an introverted freshman, Charlie, and together they battle the stomping grounds of high-school.

Though they may easily be mistaken as misfit youth, this dynamic threesome is really on the revolt for a much better reality than the harsher setting of adolescent culture clash inside of school hallways.

Doing this all in style and to the tunes of Bowie, The Beatles, and Sonic Youth, this cinematic adaption of what it’s like to be youthful and simultaneously broken, is heartwrenchingly truthful and marvelous to watch.

To capture some of the spirit of Sam’s preppy-meets-alt style, I’ve compiled some images of slouchy sweaters, maryjanes, lettermen jackets and three staples that you’ll never see her without: opaque tights, some form of plaid, and her signature headband. Have fun recreating her east-coast on revolt aesthetic for your own fall wardrobe.