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Sarah Burton: Top Contender to Design Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

Pink Slip Fashion is proud to report that Sarah Burton is a top contender to design a custom collection of maternity wear for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Making a successful splash with her first runway show as Alexander McQueen’s successor, creative director Sarah Burton was already on track to become a household name. From hit after hit on the runway, Burton kept in line with McQueen’s signature aesthetic by incorporating embroidered designs and sculptural drama, while also bringing forth her strong sense of craft. Creating an indelibly strong impression within the fashion world, she continued to impress by working with music and style icon Lady Gaga.

As Burton’s résumé grew, so did her fan base, and she’s hit an even higher note by establishing a significant reputation with London’s Royal Family. As designer for Kate Middleton’s iconic long train, white lace wedding dress, Burton is possibly back in the picture to create a most covetable collection of awe-inspiring maternity wear for Middleton. When interviewed on the topic of designing for the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, she replied “I hope I will be.”

We at Pink Slip Fashion hopes so too! We can’t wait to see the line of chiffon embroidered tunics, empire waists, and feminine fit, ribbon trim silhouettes for Middelton’s royally fab collection.

(photos from time.com, mod-tv.com, and samisoni.blogspot.com)