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Vertical Stripe Black & White Leggings

Toss the Black & White Leggings!

Which look is out of fashion this week? You guessed it!

Stop clowning around with jester pants & toss the black & white leggings. Go sporty with a racer stripe instead. Ideal for 9-5 style or a night out, a racer stripe pant is the perfect blend of casual, cool & polished.

No offense Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice…nothing), but black and white striped pants are getting the PINK SLIP.

Nautical Nonsense Decked by Colorful Stripes

We’re giving nautical-style stripes THE PINK SLIP. The once popular and preppy fashion statement, seafaring stripes was in last season but is no longer making a splash on the runway. Instead opt for pantone shade stripes, chunky wave patterns, stark contrasts, and colorblock to liven up this classic, (a)symmetrical pattern.