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So You Creep? Let’s Keep That On the Down Low

Pink Slip Creeper Shoes

Pink Slip Creeper Shoes

Creeper shoes go way back…we’re talking the 50’s, far from the trend now donned by Hot Topic hipsters.

And though the name of the shoe alone reminds me of Radiohead’s debut single “Creep” when their experimental alternative rock took over the airwaves, I still can’t help but shudder when I see a chick sporting a pair with an A-line skirt.

Originally designed for soldiers to make navigating tough terrains a bit easier, these shoes found their way into London pubs, worn by the same men serving, sparking a trend.

Now creeper shoes, in all their rock n’ roll varieties with suede textured vamps in plaid or leopard patterns, have surfaced in wardrobes.

Mixing in these platforms with clothes like a colored skinny pant, maxi skirt, or high-waist short gives the impression of a whiny teen on their way to a Fall Out Boy concert (No offense: I <3 FOB). If you really want to edge it up, why not go for a pair of ankle-length moto boots with buckles, zippers, or even distressing for a perennial badass staple? Let's give this juvie style back to our kid sisters. Creeper shoes are getting the PINK SLIP.


What Not To Wear’s Stacy London is showing you What TO Wear in this fab gallery of looks!

If you didn’t know, Stacy London happens to be a huge influence on my life. Not only is she instrumental in encouraging positive self-image through the hit show What Not To Wear, she’s also the ultimate style maven.

Every Tuesday evening I tune in to watch Stacy and Clinton, ritualizing the moment with my Vogue or Elle magazine draped over my lap and purple pen in hand to take notes. The entire process – from surprising the participant at a staged gathering to teaching them about what cuts and shapes work best with their body to the final reveal- are entirely mesmerizing. I, too, feel as though I have gone through a transformation by the end of watching.

And the best part is I ALWAYS learn something new, whether it’s the difference between articles of clothing “matching” and “going together” or having a good mix of staple pieces that can easily be swapped in and out for work or the weekend, like a blazer. 

(A quick note on the difference between “matching” and “going together”: When you’re constructing a look, the items do NOT have to “match”, they just have to “go together” meaning a subtle pinstripe pant with a boldly patterned shirt is perfectly OK. When in doubt about colors, use nature as a reference. If they’re found together in nature, then they “go together”).

It’s not only the overall fashion knowledge I pick up from her repartee between participants,  nor her crafty way of manipulating clothes to flatter anyone’s unique body shape, it’s her passion and creativity that I engage in the most as a viewer.

I feed off of her knowledge and look to her for inspiration if I am ever in a jam with choosing what to wear. How can I creatively construct a look with pieces that I already own and not break the bank on a shopping spree buying clothes, which will trend for only one season? Turn to Stacy. She’s inspired many of my looks and I have also felt encouraged to take liberties with personal styling. In a way, she has helped me come into my own as a fashionista. 

(photo from grokgrub.com)