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Let’s Get FUR-real!

Pink Slip Color Fur

Pink Slip Colored Fur

Pink Slip Fashion is back this week with another ghastly trend that’s getting the ax!

Though we’re writing from “still sunny” California while the rest of the country is probably facing crippling blizzards or hail storms, that doesn’t mean we aren’t experts at determining what’s in and what’s out when it comes to fur!

So kick back in your fuzzy slippers with warm cocoa in hand and read below why colored fur is getting the PINK SLIP.

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Stop Yourself from Getting Hi-Lo Dresses


Hi-Lo Dresses Can Hitch the Next Available Ride (Out of our Closets)

Holiday season is upon us. And though we may be stressed with decorating, gift shopping, and spending quality time with members of the family we may normally avoid, like Aunt Sally with the weird cheese breath, finding the perfect holiday dress should not be on this list of avoided activities.

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Overalls Are Not In Style

Are Overalls In Style? NO!

Pink Slip Fashion can already feel the indignant, if not rage, of you muttering quickly at your computer “Whaddaya mean DITCH the overalls!”

Is this even still a question: “Are Overalls in Style?” The answer is NO!

But let’s get real, WHO’s wearing overalls and most importantly WHY? 

Overalls seems to be the 2013 trend that’s “back with a vengeance,” but outside of waif models on the cover of Nylon, or Jen Aniston, I haven’t seen overalls executed well in any to-be-envied style.

In fact, most times they create an unflattering silhouette—unless you have a naturally boyish figure—and though comfy can come off as a bad casual Friday spin-off.

Did I mention this style isn’t even versatile to wear to work. “Maybe it’s just a weekend look?” you say. But the truth is, who’s wearing overalls on a weekend outing to the movies or dinner? 

Though trendy on models and celebrities, as a day-to-day style, we’re giving overalls the PINK SLIP!


Are QR Codes Dead?

A big social media question on our radar is “Are QR Codes Dead?”

QR codes, a marketing tactic employed by major corporations, including retail industry heavyweights Victoria’s Secret & Macy’s are starting to slip from our radar.

Either caused by the disinterest of a mobile consumer who doesn’t have a scanning app pre-installed on their phone or by a company who’s tired of having a square block of symbols visually interfere with a campaign, recent data shows that the publication of QR codes and its public consumption have reached their peak and are slowly falling.

This year alone, there has been a 17% decrease of QR codes in popular magazines. And though there was a 38% year-over-year rise in scans between Q1 & Q2, that doesn’t live up to its original hype of a 157% jump back in 2011.

Even though QR codes are still on the up, they’re losing a lot of momentum and quickly. Adage.com blogger B.L. Ochman even writes that QR codes have been trampled by easier-to-use apps.

What are you thoughts? Are you giving QR codes the PINK SLIP?

8 Fall Looks That Are Never Going Out of Style

8 Looks that are NEVER Going Out of Style!

Pink Slip Fashion normally covers the latest trends that are going out of style. Yet, as we brace ourselves for brisk fall weather, you may be thinking it’s time to revamp your wardrobe to kick off the season.

The truth is, your wardrobe may not need much of a makeover. If you do a little digging through those out of fashion knee socks, platform booties, and military jackets circa Fall 2012 fashion trends, you may uncover some classic pieces you didn’t realize you had.

Here’s a list of 8 Looks that will NEVER get the PINK SLIP:

  • Double Breasted, Belted Trench
  • Black Leather Jacket
  • Neutral Colored Cape
  • Pencil Skirt
  • Slouchy Cable Knit Sweater
  • Leather Riding Boots
  • Quilted Handbag with Strap
  • Flat Slip-on Loafers

Wear Plaid Fashionably

How to Wear Plaid without Being Pink Slipped

Does your style have a checkered past? Don’t worry Pink Slip Fashion is here to help erase your fashion crimes with this brief tips posting on how to wear plaid!

Pink Slip has a love/hate relationship with plaid. To resolve this, we’re going to show you which plaid styles are making a comeback with a chic and modern update!

Check out my collage above to learn how to revamp plaid styles you may have given the PINK SLIP, like a knee-length checkered coat and bold plaid pants, or turn a button-down plaid shirt into a statement piece to wear to the office!

What NOT to Wear to an Interview

Pink Slip Fashion knows that when you’ve just landed an interview, there’s a ton of prep work involved—practicing answering questions, researching the company, and putting together a topnotch portfolio.

However, one thing in particular needs careful attention: your wardrobe!

There are the inevitable taboos like sloppy attire or sporting heels appropriate for a night out instead of the office. However, the number one offender seems to be the mini skirt!

Pink Slip the above-the-knee options and go for something mature and classic like a pencil skirt or straight leg trouser in a neutral other than black, like gray, khaki, or even navy.

Picking a more flattering option will leave a lasting first impression and may even score you a second interview or the job!

Ditch the Prep & Tough it Out

Pink Slip Fashion is here to get your style on track for all A’s this fall. Sadly our back to cool must-haves doesn’t involve extra prep.

Pink Slip the Letterman jacket this season and let the bad boys-–ahem—girls of style win this turf war with the always current leather jacket. Available in motorcycle chic options, more tailored silhouettes and rich hues, your tough-as-nails style will be the talk of the town.